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Google SEO optimization

SEO company provide website optimization & promotion services for Google, Yandex, Bing and other search engines. Our goal is reaching top positions among the search results for a particular search keywords, which allows you to attract a large number of target visitors. Website promotion is a complex process, but it brings great results, given that more and more customers come to websites through search engines.

In the States, in Europe and particularly in Germany, one should begin with Google SEO optimization – today this search engine holds about 90% of the European search market (approx. 95% for, and almost 80% of the American one. In Russia, one also needs to promote sites via Yandex – there, this search engine still holds a significant share. It is also worthwhile to consider the search engines Bing and Yahoo – they are developing dynamically and can provide good extra traffic.

You can free add your site to Google and other popular search engines here.

Newly optimized sites our clients can you always find in our SEO portfolio.

About search engine optimization:

SEO consists of a series of measures aimed at pushing the website as close as possible to the top of the search results. A top position indicates that the search engine considers the site in question highly relevant for the search keywords. Thus, our task is to optimize the site accordingly, convincing search engines that it meets the request better than competing sites.

Why do you need to promote your site? Say, you know your main competitors, and they are less than ten, so you believe that there is no need to promote the website. It should automatically appear on the first page of Google or Bing results in all competitive requests, right? In fact, the situation is different – to learn about other competitors, just try out your search keywords and look at the number of websites the search engine finds. The results are impressive: some highly competitive requests can yield several million sites. If the search engine considers all these sites relevant for the request, then all of them are to some extent competitors. This should be kept in mind when planning SEO.

SEO can be roughly divided into two parts: first, there is On-Page website optimization, which eliminates errors preventing the site from moving up. The second element is the actual SEO: Off-Page search engine optimization via the external criteria that search engines use to rank a website.

Search engines do not disclose their search algorithms, but there are a number of rules that are fundamental to promotion. For example, the website text must match the promoted keywords; links from other sites on similar subjects are helpful; the website's loading time and creation date play a role, etc. According to their own statements, today Google uses over 200 – and Yandex over 800 – different criteria which affect the ranking of the site. Analysis algorithms responsible for the position of the site include filters which are reasonably good at distinguishing quality criteria from characteristics artificially created for promotion. Such a filter can cause a site to move down the hit list or even disappear from the result list entirely. Sometimes, these filters impair the positions of sites which have in fact not been optimized but that unknowingly or accidentally include elements which seem artificial or go against the search engine's rules.

Thus, the goal of site optimization is to convince the search engine that the site in question is the most accurate search result – and also that it has not been optimized. This task is further complicated by the fact that search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, so that even a well-optimized website may fluctuate in its position.

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Add URL to Google, Bing & Yandex

Once a site is created, we recommend registering it with Google and other popular search engines. We have developed a program which allows you to add your site's URL to the Google, Yandex and Bing databases with just one click.

As part of the registration process, the site is checked for indexability and absence of indexing restrictions in the robots.txt file and robots metatag. Also, an .xml format sitemap is sought, checked and added to Google and Bing.

Site registration informs search engines of the site's existence and thus speeds up the indexing process. Search bots usually visit the site within a few minutes after the registration. The new site appears among the search results a few days later – after the search engines add it to the search index. If a site is already indexed by search engines, with the help of our service you can speed up its re-indexing.


Added: 238815 URLs

Clear benefits:

  1. With one click, you can register your website with the most popular search engines.
  2. Several effective methods for adding and accelerated indexing are used simultaneously.
  3. During the registration process, a series of checks is run to discover possible indexing problems.
  4. An XML sitemap is sought, analyzed and added to Google and Bing.
  5. There is no limit to the number of added sites.
  6. This service is provided free of charge.

After the indexing or re-indexing, search engines will consider the site for all searches on relevant keywords. However, adding a website to the list is not enough to reach the top search results page for competitive requests – there is need for SEO (search engine optimization).

* The final decision remains with the search engines. The service won't help if, for some reason, the search engines can't or won't index the site in question.

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Social media marketing

According to analysts' reports, signals in social networks are now among the most important factors affecting the promotion of the website. Google+ plusses and subscribers; Facebook comments and likes; Twitter followers, retweets and favorites; YouTube views and subscriptions – these and many other social signals are indicators of quality for search engines.

However, this is only one of the positive aspects of social networks. Social media marketing also attracts audience directly from the social environment, so that this method of promotion is comparable with contextual advertising on partner sites in its efficiency.


Our offer: We will provide you with an audience on social media accounts, support groups, fill them with target customers, attract people to the site and improve the overall social factor situation on all popular social networks.

We work with the following networks: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, Moi mir, Vimeo, Vine, MySpace, Pinterest, Daylymotion.

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Google AdWords optimization

As part of the site promotion, we offer our services in optimizing contextual ads for Google AdWords. Of course, ads that are optimized badly or not at all lead to overspending. Also, little-optimized ads draw non-target visitors to your site, thus reducing the overall effectiveness of your ad campaign.

We reduce your spending on contextual ads, increase their effectiveness, remove parasitic clicks and help you to improve your ads' positions vis-à-vis your competitors while saving you money.


On the graph, you can see how the AdWords costs can be cut and the ad clickability improved in one week. At the start, 43.39€ was spent for 36 clicks per day (1.20€ per click); in a week, 59 clicks a day cost just 26.96€ (0.45€ per click). In another month, the cost could be further reduced to 0.21€ per click.

About Google's ads:

The AdWords contextual online ads are Google's main source of revenue. As this type of ad is context-bound, it is targeted – as opposed to ads in other media, these ads correspond to user's direct requests and brings customers which are immediately interested in the advertised goods or services.

The advertiser has the choice of three main advertising types: on Google's sites, on search sites using the Google search engine, and on sites using ad blocks with textual or graphical AdWords banners. Ads on Google sites are regarded to be the most effective form of contextual ads.

Ad blocks are placed in three areas on the Google site: above the organic search results, on the right side and below the search results. The higher the ad, the more attention it draws, and the more effective the campaign. search results

The search results (upper part) for the query “suchmaschinenoptimierung service”. AdWords ad areas are marked in yellow, organic search results in green.

Google's contextual ads are paid for based on clicks on the ad which get the user to the advertiser's site (CPC/cost-per-click model). The position of the ad is determined by an auction – the higher the click price, the higher the ad will be. Also, Google sets a base price for an ad being shown on the first page for every key query. However, this system contains a large amount of parameters allowing, within certain limits, for the optimization of ads – reducing click costs and showing contextual ads on higher positions and with lower expenses compared to the competition.

When optimizing AdWords ads, special attention is paid to optimizing the ad quality, optimizing the campaign settings and optimizing the keyword quality score, which in its turn depends on other parameters, most notably the ads' click-through-rate (CTR). A number of other factors are also used when calculating the keyword quality score, including the history of previous clicks, the target site's quality and its relevance to the search query, relevance of regional settings, site loading speed etc. – everything which, in Google's opinion, can influence the ad quality. We consider all these factory when optimizing ads for lower click costs and optimal results.

A separate point is the problem of ad clicks by competitors. Contrary to general opinion, Google definitely pays significant attention to this topic; although such clicks add to Google's revenue, they lower the effectiveness of AdWords as an online marketing tool and discredit AdWords with advertisers. Google actively filters multiple clicks from the same IP address, clicks without following internal links, clicks with low on-site time and a host of other parameters. Nevertheless, and despite a large share of filtered clicks, there always remains a certain amount of missed clicks – a topic which can become highly relevant in some highly competitive niches. We know about this problem and can offer our clients effective tools to reduce such expenditure.

What to choose – SEO or AdWords?

The main advantage of online advertising is its speed – AdWords starts showing the ads a few minutes after they pass all checks. Set the campaign up correctly, and your site is on Google's first result page. However, that is about all regarding the advantages of online ads.

The drawback of AdWords is primarily the price – you have to pay for every click. In competitive fields, the click auction is usually already overheated – many niches work on the border of profitability, and some topics are bound for failure from the start. Novice advertisers cannot assess the effectiveness of a campaign in advance, and often lose money even with minimal bids.

When going for organic search results, you have to be aware that SEO works slowly. It is impossible to promote all possible queries – this process is too time-intensive. Keywords reach the top placements at different points in time – almost from the start for some queries, after weeks or months of work for others.

SEO also has a host of indisputable advantages. Firstly, you do not have to pay for visitors – the price depends only on the complexity of the task. Secondly, sites ranked on top of the organic search results usually draw more clicks than do ads. And thirdly, top-ranked sites in organic search results are harder to displace than online ads. SEO is a long-term strategy.

If your budget allows it, choose both methods – you cannot have too much marketing. Some customers click on online ads, others on organic results – that's the best way to get the most out of Google.

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SEO pricing

The pricing of SEO optimization and Google promotion depend on many factors. The chief ones are these: how competitive are the relevant search queries, and how good is the direct competition at promotion and optimization? Thus, you will find no fixed price here. Instead, email us the website address: we will calculate the exact promotion costs on the basis of your site's data and offer an effective advertising strategy. Depending on the site's topic, we can offer different discounts. Long-term orders for website promotion always benefit from a progressive discount system.

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Web design & programming

In the shortest possible time, we'll develop a site employing an original web design and optimized for search engines. We use cutting edge technologies and practices and an individual approach to every client to create and promote a site fast. You can always find samples of our work in the web design portfolio.

About web programming:

Programming transforms a homepage from a mere collection of information into an automated interactive system. Web programming makes all this possible:
   quick and easy information editing, news updating and creating of new sub-sites and sections thanks to a modern site administration system
   protection from unapproved access
   flexibly systematized customer interaction
   creation of online-shops and online-auctions
   a large palette of applications (calendars, calculators, organizers) to be used online at the homepage
   automatization of a large routine work load, e.g. processing of customer inquiries, optimized scheduling etc.
   and much more…

Do you have any suggestions? Just contact us in Germany.

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Free, expired & deleted SEO domains

Would you like a website with a beautiful, short, memorable name reflecting the company profile? Have a look at our daily updated free, expired & deleted SEO domains page – here you can always select domains to register for designers, web agencies, SEO optimizers and SEM experts.

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Web- & SEO services

We offer the following Web & SEO services:

   Removal of viruses from websites.
   Recovery of site position in the search engine after a virus attack.
   SEO analysis (audit) and fixes for discovering and correcting problems hindering effective site promotion.
   Removal from negative Google and Yandex filters.
   Site improvement, addition of new features.
   Damage prevention and backup services.

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